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In this hour of Photo Ark, National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore finds himself once again in his comfort zone: doing something new and unfamiliar. It’s his first time to Indonesia and he’ll be island hopping to meet and photograph animals who have adapted to living on isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean. Joel faces a wide range of challenges in pursuit of capturing the essence and beauty of these fascinating island creatures. Whether it’s two orphaned baby orangutans who are naturally not accustomed to photo shoots, a 5-foot tall bird with 5-inch long talons, or a tree-dwelling marsupial known to aggressively defend its territory, Joel proves that C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E-S can be spelled and solved many different ways. Over 17,000 islands make up Indonesia and some of them are home to tarsiers, the world’s only entirely carnivorous primate. Depending on the species, angle, or time of day, tarsiers can look cute, creepy, or other-worldly. Or all of the above…at the same time. These many “looks” are on largely account of their eyes, which are bigger than their brain. Their eyes are so big that instead of turning inside their sockets to look around, tarsiers have to turn their entire head. Joel’s photographs capture the many looks of these nocturnal wonders, and super slow-motion footage of tarsiers in the wild gives us a rare and precise look into how these tiny tarsiers take great leaps to hunt their all-meat diet.Joel’s last stop in Indonesia shows how dire things can get for some species, ones as iconic as the rhinoceros. Pahu is one of about 20 rhinos left on Borneo, the third largest island on the planet, and scientists are working on a last-ditch effort to save her kind from extinction. Although she was born and has lived in the wild for the past 25 years or so, Pahu is the definition of ‘gentle giant’ during the photo shoot. She’s now on board the Photo Ark and crucially part of a breeding program that could help successfully repopulate her kin

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National Geographic
Earth Day


Anlässlich des alljährlich am 22. April begangenen Earth Day zeigt National Geographic die einzigartige Schönheit unseres Planeten und vielversprechende Schutzbemühungen die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels umzukehren und gefährdete Tierarten zu schützen.

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