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Interview with the Vampire und Mayfair Witches

Welcome to the fascinating world of Anne Rice! The first season of "Mayfair Witches" takes you into an immortal universe full of dark family secrets and supernatural powers. Experience the world of "Interview with the Vampire", which transports you to the mysterious and glamorous New Orleans of the early 20th century. Dive in and experience unforgettable adventures!

Teamgeist - Unser Weg
One for all - all for Austria

The CANAL+ Original Documentary "Teamgeist - unser Weg" offers incredible insights into the successful qualification of the Austrian national team for the 2024 UEFA European Championship in Germany, divided into four parts.
In the opening of the series, viewers follow David Alaba, Marko Arnautovic, Marcel Sabitzer, and their teammates as they face the initial challenges of the qualification against Azerbaijan and Estonia. The second part provides insights into the preparations for the matches against Belgium and Sweden. Viewers experience the intense training sessions, thorough analysis of opponents, and tactical instructions from Austrian national team coach Ralf Rangnick ahead of crucial moments.

Pulled Prok
New Delights from Austria

Discover our latest highlights from Austria! In the comedy "Pulled Pork", Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus go all out to solve the disappearance of their sister Samira. Not only do they clash with a mayoral candidate, but they also get involved in the schemes of the Russian mafia. Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus, an unbeatable team, captivate not only on stage but also in front of the camera!

The Walking Dead
New sequels in the "The Walking Dead" universe

The dead don't rest! While "The Walking Dead" officially ended after 11 seasons, there are new series for fans in The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead Sequels continue the stories of our favourite characters.

Night in Paradise
Two destinies. One nightmare.

Taxi driver Vincent and his daughter Joni have been separated since she was three years old. But when Joni moves to Vincent's hometown, they meet on a fateful night. Vincent drives intoxicated people from A to B while Joni is pursued by a group of men who intend to assault her. The injustice of that night ignites something within them, and from that moment on, each of them embarks on a quest to end the injustices they face in this world.

The Winter King
Dark times descend upon Britannia

In the 5th century, the Saxons threaten the land, unrest and fear grip the population. Arthur Pendragon, the illegitimate son of the king, returns to his homeland after his exile to fight for peace in Britannia. By his side are the powerful Druid Nimue and Derfel, whom Arthur rescued from a Saxon death pit as a child.